School is Open
West Lafayette
Jr./Sr. High School

West Lafayette Jr/Sr High Media Center

The new West Lafayette Junior/Senior High Media Center is bigger and better than ever.   Our online catalog provides students and teacher access to over 20,000 volumes, magazines, newspapers, DVD's and other software.


Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 3:50 p.m.


To check out materials, you will need YOUR student ID.   To check out, go to the computer at the check out desk.  Hand your ID and the material you wish to borrow to the person at the desk.  Your ID will be checked and scanned and returned to you.  The material will be scanned, date-due stamped, and desensitized.   Materials will NOT be checked out to you unless you have your own bar coded student ID.    YOU are responsible for ALL materials check out with your student ID.


Books and magazines in the general collection may be checked out for 3 weeks.   There is NO limit to the number of materials you may check out.  Reference books, reserve books, and encyclopedia may be checked out after school for overnight use. All materials should be returned before school the day they are due.


Overdue Notices are generated by the computer each Monday morning. The 1st and 2nd reminders
are delivered to your 1st period teacher for a Tuesday delivery.   The 3rd notice is mailed to your parents.  The 4th notice results in detention until the item is paid for or returned.  Please contact the media specialist if there are problems or extenuating circumstances (ex: you left a book at Grandma’s and she lives in Iceland [slow mail – dog sled], you returned it to the wrong library), etc.


Our card catalog is computerized and is exclusively available at the two iPad kiosks. We also have 16 other computers with various reference resources, full-text indices, word-processing, on-line databases, and Internet access.   

  1. You must have a signed Network Use Agreement on File.
  2. You must follow the Network Use Agreement policies and procedures.
  3. You DO NOT have permission to change ANYTHING on school computers.
  4. Please use discretion in printing.  You may print up to and including 10 pages per day without charge. The printers are located at the check-out desk.
  5. Assignment needs always take precedence over recreational use.
  6. Computer privileges are just that…PRIVILEGES and may be revoked.

Open to all – before school, during your lunch period, and after school.*

During school:
  1. Your teacher will write a pass.
  2. Check-in at the check out desk.
  3. Check-out at the check out desk.
* Lunch period may be closed due to classes, meetings, or short staffing.

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Bring all necessary papers, books, student ID, and writing utensils with you.
  3. NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed in the Media Center.
Suggestions for additions to the collection are welcome and appreciated!  The Media Center exists to assist you in your quest for knowledge. Thank you for your assistance in making this a place all students can work and enjoy.