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Jr./Sr. High School

Faculty Directory

Name Position Phone
Betourne, Heather Science 765-746-0400
Sheffield, Libby Counseling 765-746-0400
Pettit, Donald Music/Band Director 765-746-0400
Kincaid, Katherine Art 765-746-0400
Creech, Rebecca Science 765-746-0400
Von Werder, Peter Science 765-746-0400
Pusey, Phillip Science 765-746-0400
Gwin, Rebecca Science 765-746-0400
Espinoza, Jessica World Language 765-746-0400
Schott, Jane Science 765-746-0400
Ohlhaut, Stephan World Language 765-746-0400
Holdman, Tracy Special Education 765-746-0400
Forbes, Marydell English 765-746-0400
Fry, Shane Phys. Ed & Health 765-746-0400
Shaeffer, Craig English 765-746-0400
Wood, David Phys Ed & Health 765-746-0400
Dixon, Elizabeth English 765-746-0400
Hanna, Clay Social Studies 765-746-0400
Letcher, Carol Music 765-746-0400
Rendall, Joshua Math 765-746-0400
Whitcomb, Graham Science 765-746-0400
Croy, Brittany Science 765-746-0400
Gruss, Allyse Counseling 765-746-0400
Huckstep, Karri Math 765-746-0400
Polk, Jonathan Math 765-746-0400
Smith, Aaron English 765-746-0400
Blaisdell, Theresa Math 765-746-0400
Ambrose, John Social Studies 765-746-0400
Hipsher, Andi Science 765-746-0400
Mills, Lisa English 765-746-0400
Yoder, Verna Art 765-746-0400
Dunn, Nicholas Math 765-746-0400
Helton, Jane English 765-746-0400
Levy, John Social Studies 765-746-0400
Studt, Randall World Language 765-746-0400
Brooks, Michelle Music 765-746-0400
Fultz, Brian Social Studies 765-746-0400
Joest, David Social Studies 765-746-0400
Porterfield, Pamela Math 765-746-0400
Standish, Kyle Technology 765-746-0400
Boaz, Avery Social Studies 765-746-0400
Eubank, Lori Special Education 765-746-0400
Ho, Minshen Math 765-746-0400
Scherrer, Kathryn Special Education 765-746-0400
Eifler, Jonathan Science 765-746-0400
Hembrough (Eshelman), Kathryn English 765-746-0400
Joest, Melissa Science 765-746-0400
Pugh, Mark Social Studies 765-746-0400
Corredor-Sanchez, Piedad World Language 765-746-0400
Johnson, Shelby Special Education 765-746-0400
Pritchett, Kory Math 765-746-0400
Stephens, Kay Special Education 765-746-0400
Cullen, Michael Business 765-746-0400
Hart, Amanda FACS 765-746-0400
Abrams, Tony Tech. Ed 765-746-0400
O'Farrell, Katelyn English 765-746-0400
Sandberg, Rachael English 765-746-0400
Boyd, Mary Beth Social Studies 765-746-0400
Hembrough, Joshua Phys. Ed & Health 765-746-0400
Riley, Kathleen English/ENL 765-746-0400
Wood, Aaron Phys. Ed & Health 765-746-0400
Mowery, Brandy Special Education 765-746-0400
Fordyce, Molly Phys Ed & Health 765-746-0400
Bennett, Michael Music 765-746-0400
Swanson, Becky Special Education 765-746-0400
German, Kylee Math 765-746-0400
Pujara, Yash Math 765-746-0400
Heim, Frances FACS 765-746-0400
Brooks, Alivia Music 765-746-0400
Riesterer, Jonathan Art 765-746-0400
White, Allison World Language 765-746-0400
Beyogle, Richard World Language 765-746-0400
McClure, Jodi English 765-746-0400
Muth, Samantha English 765-746-0400
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