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1T1 Junior High School Honor Roll 2016/17T1 Junior High School Honor Roll 2016/17 (View)Oct 19, 2016587 times
2T1 High School AB Honor Roll 2016.17T1 High School AB Honor Roll 2016.17 (View)Oct 18, 2016703 times
3T1 High School A Honor Roll 2016.17T1 High School A Honor Roll 2016.17 (View)Oct 18, 2016579 times
4Profile 2016/17Profile 2016/17 (View)Aug 29, 2016724 times
5Junior High Tutor OptionsJunior High Tutor Options (View)Oct 15, 20131445 times

New Student Enrollment FormsNew Student Enrollment Forms

1Residency FormResidency Form (View)May 13, 2016326 times
2Please Provide...Please Provide... (View)May 13, 2016319 times
3Jr High Lunch Release FormJr High Lunch Release Form (View)May 13, 2016354 times
4Home Language FormHome Language Form (View)May 13, 2016287 times
5Enrollment Form 7-12Enrollment Form 7-12 (View)May 13, 2016341 times
6Active Military FormActive Military Form (View)May 13, 2016354 times

Career InformationCareer Information

1Wildcat Creek Career CooperativeWildcat Creek Career Cooperative (View)May 15, 20131332 times
2Unlocking Your Future (Presentation)Unlocking Your Future (Presentation) (View)May 15, 2013830 times

College Information and VisitationsCollege Information and Visitations

1Indiana UniversitiesIndiana Universities (View)Sep 04, 20151079 times
2College Rep Visits 2017College Rep Visits 2017 (View)Aug 22, 20175 times

Course Offerings and InformationCourse Offerings and Information

1Junior High School Course Description BookletJunior High School Course Description Booklet (View)Jan 24, 2017333 times
2High School Course Description BookletHigh School Course Description Booklet (View)Aug 22, 20173 times

Junior Class InformationJunior Class Information

1Blueprint to Be A Junior (Presentation)Blueprint to Be A Junior (Presentation) (View)May 15, 20131100 times

Local Scholarship InformationLocal Scholarship Information

1Scholarship Handbook 2016/17Scholarship Handbook 2016/17 (View)Aug 29, 2016468 times
2Local Scholarship Opportunities 2016/17Local Scholarship Opportunities 2016/17 (View)Nov 30, 20161561 times

Senior InformationSenior Information

1Senior Year Calendar & Checklist 2016.17Senior Year Calendar & Checklist 2016.17 (View)Aug 29, 2016300 times
2Senior Parent Night 2016/17Senior Parent Night 2016/17 (View)Aug 29, 2016311 times
3Common App- Recommender Trouble ShootingCommon App- Recommender Trouble Shooting (View)Aug 29, 2016343 times
4College Application Procedure SheetCollege Application Procedure Sheet (View)Aug 22, 20131110 times
5College Application ChecklistCollege Application Checklist (View)Aug 29, 2016280 times
6Autobiographical SketchAutobiographical Sketch (View)May 12, 201799 times

 Testing InformationTesting Information

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