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As of Monday, July 31, we have resumed school-year office hours (7:45 am - 3:30 pm).

Grades 7-8  Mr. Savulescu, School Counselor
Grades 9-12
A-G  Mrs. Sheffield, School Counselor and Director
H-O  Mrs. Gruss, School Counselor
P-Z  Miss Theaderman, School Counselor
All Grades  Mrs. Zink, Secretary and Registrar

All seniors and their parents/guardians are invited to kick-off the college application season by attending the annual meeting with the school counselors.  On Wednesday, Aug 23 at 6:30 pm in the auditorium, the program will consist of a short presentation by the WLHS counselors followed by a Q&A session with college admissions representatives from IU-Bloomington, PU-West Lafayette, and Wabash College.

New this year:  Juniors and their parents/guardians are also invited to attend as a "fly on the wall."  What better way to find out what you should accomplish by this time next year?

Anyone unable to attend (or who needs to hear it all over again later) may tune in live or recorded at this link: (to be posted soon).
Complete these steps:
-  Establish residency.  You must live in the WLCSC corporation in order to send your child to this school.  Go here to view the map:  Once you have a lease or purchase agreement, we will need a copy to keep in the student's file.
-  Make an appointment for math placement (and language testing, if your student is not a native English speaker).  Your child will take one or two tests -- one to determine the math class and, if needed, one to determine English language abilities.  You may contact our registrar, Mrs. Jennifer Zink ( or 765-746-0418), to set up those appointments.  When your child comes in for the first test, you should come also to get the enrollment forms.
-  Make an enrollment appointment ( or 765-746-0418).  Once we know the math (and English language) levels, we will be able to place your child in classes.  Please tell Mrs. Zink the name and address of your child's former school so that she may request records from them.
Here is some more information for you to know:
-  We need a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport.
-  We need a copy of your child's immunization record.
-  For those coming from out-of-country, we place students in the grade level that is age-appropriate, even if that grade level was completed already in another country.

 2017-18 SCHEDULES
Schedules for all students in grades 7-12 will go live at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 8 in Skyward.
All students may request to make schedule changes for the first five days of the semester.  To request a change, sign up to see your counselor by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 16.
JR HIGH STUDENTS:  See Mr. Savulescu to ask about allowable changes.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:  During the five-day period, schedule changes may only be made for the following reasons:
- Your counselor made a mistake;
- You took a class in summer school, and it's still in your schedule;
- You want to drop a class for a study hall (if you don't already have a study hall);
- You want to drop a study hall for a credited class (determined by space in that course);
- You want to drop something and add a class within the same period (determined by space in that course).
Following the five-day period, you may only drop a class for a study hall (if you don't already have a study hall).

*Unofficial transcripts can now be viewed under "Documents".  All Official copies must be requested through or by contacting Mrs. Zink in the Counseling Office.

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